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It’s 7:20 a.m. I locked up my bike and headed toward the Alewife train station, the buzz of commuters is noticeably absent.

A few construction workers stand idly by, drinking coffee and chowing down of their Dunkin donuts, I take the escalator down to the Red Line platform

I board the Redline for my 20-minute commute to Beacon Hill MGH T stop, this Thursday morning, just four people on the train all wearing their masks — three of whom are dressed in construction garb the other in business casual

Beacon Hill Charles Street.

 I walk down Charles Street to pick up diet coke and a pastry. a sign on Pancificio — a popular grab-and-go breakfast spot that I once frequented — says it all: “For the long term viability of our business we have temporarily suspended our operation.”

Beacon Hill this Thursday morning It’s a surreal scene — a post-apocalyptic ghost town of sorts. The once-bustling Starbucks on Charles Street is half empty

As the coronavirus resurges and Boston’s financial district industries extend their work from home policies — I’m wondering what will happen to downtown Boston?

Are the fragile ecosystems now severely at risk, with the Downtown Boston losing 10% of its workforce in 2020?

Meanwhile, Beacon Hill rents are starting to dip as are fewer apartment leases are signed. On my last count over 200 Beacon Hill apartments are vacant since September 2020, and the amount of vacant retail space in downtown Boston is expected to rise in 2021. A steady influx of retail sublease listings is now coming on the market.

With tens of thousands of white-collar workers sidelined at home — and no short-term expectation for them to return — hard questions linger:

  • Will workers come back?
  • What will a post-COVID city look like?
  • And how will the small businesses that thrived in the shadow of the downtown Boston financial district survive

Boston Real Estate and the Bottom Line

As I’m blogging this, my phone rings, perhaps a million dollar client, or a luxury Boston apartment rental? No, just a Robocall about my car warranty is expiring soon.

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