An owner in a new condo association has put together a blog to complain about the lack of quality of construction – and the fact that the building(s) are still not done.

Now, you could say that doing this is a good idea – it’s a way to get owners together to discuss the issue, and also a way to put pressure on the developer / owner (nothing like an implied threat of bad publicity to get attention). Of course, you could also say that putting up a public blog full of critical comments about your building is a crazy idea, especially if the building is only 30% sold. I mean, who’d buy in your building if it sucked so bad? You’re shooting yourself in the foot, to a certain extent.

Buying new construction is tough. I have several clients buying in a new building, right now, and it’s very frustrating. Construction has lagged. The building was scheduled for completion in October; it’s now January, and the first closing was just today. Meanwhile, the building isn’t completed – new owners will have to put up with 50 workmen in their halls from 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM for at least another two months. Very aggravating.

When you buy new construction in a big building, most likely you won’t be in charge of your condo association. The developer will be, until a majority of units have been sold and occupied. That could be months (or years …) down the road.

I bought new construction. I was not pleased with the results. Not pleased all. Not pleased when I bought it, not pleased now.

Hmmm. Wait, maybe this blog idea has some merit …

This site was created so we can take control of our complex. If you have been living here for more than a week than you probably know that dealing with those fools across the street is a pain in the ass.

With this being said, I feel its important to start putting the pressure on them to get our building in order. There are various items that need to be resolved and we shouldn’t have to wait any longer. I am out of patience and I hope you will join me.

If possible, I would like everyone to start making mental notes when walking around the common areas of the building. I have noticed poor exterior and interior craftsmanship throughout (missing bricks, worn hallway carpets, wall seams, ceiling cracks, broken tiles and lights etc.)

I feel really bad for the unit owners in back who have a porta-potty outside their decks. This and the constant flow of trash has got to go.

I don’t know about anyone else but I’m still waiting for Janus to resolve various issues within my unit and by the way things look Building B will be complete before my issues are resolved.

Anyways, this site will be enhanced overtime and will serve as our forum. Please email me with your names, unit number and email addresses.

Washington Grove Condo Association (but it’s not the formal association, just two of the owners)

Story courtesy of Universal Hub

Updated:  2018

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