In today’s Boston condo blog post I’ll Take a closer look at the questions you may want to consider before buying your new Boston condos. It’s always best to begin with a strong plan and a clear understanding of what to expect when buying a Boston condo. In my past Boston condo blog post we learned more about the credit score needed to buy a condominium and now we take it to the next level with how much can I afford. With housing affordability on many first time home buyer’s minds and even top of mind with seasoned home buyers, let’s ensure we get this right. In this  blog post of the home buying guide we ask:

1. How much home can I afford? You’ll need down payment and closing costs

2. How to budget for buying a new home? How much is it going to cost you each month. taxes, condo fees, mortgage monthly payment

3. Estimating a monthly budget for your new home? Also count electric bill, cable and other monthly expenses like food auto insurance ect

4. What is a Debt to Income ratio? Income versus expenses.

Find out the best insider real estate & mortgage tips for answering the question, “how much house can I afford?”

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