If you have a gripe against a company (or a person?), what do you do? Usually, just complain to your friends (until they can’t handle it any longer, and tell you to just shut up).

Well, not everyone is so easily appeased.

According to the Wall Street Journal:

A dispute between a local real-estate broker and one of the nation’s largest home builders has mushroomed into a legal battle reaching all the way to Wall Street.

At the heart of the fight is a Web site started by Mike Morgan, the real-estate broker, to collect complaints and dispense advice about what he considers shoddy workmanship on homes built by Miami-based Lennar Corp.

Now, that’s not exactly accurate. Like most arguments, this dispute is about money. The broker says Lennar owes him money for home sale deals he managed in Florida. Lennar says they don’t owe him any money, because the deals never closed (in fact, the broker convinced his clients to back out of the deals, himself!).

The broker wanted his money. When they declined, he took a drastic step – the “scorched earth” option. He figured if he couldn’t get what he wanted, he could get what he needed – revenge.

It seems as if the broker is spending a lot of time and effort on something he should just forget about. I mean, really, why work so hard on something so negative?

( ** This isn’t the first time I’ve heard about this sort of thing happening. Check out WellsFargoSucks.com for more … **)

Read on: Real-Estate Broker Battles Homebuilder Via Web, Court – By Michael Corkery, The Wall Street Journal

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