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When negotiating a Boston real estate sale, remember this …

Bringing negotiations to a successful conclusion does take skill. However, if you avoid the obstacles that can put a wrench in your plans to purchase a condo. Prevent common negotiation mistakes by following these tips:

1. Keep your cards close to your chest

When the negotiation Boston condo for sale process begins, you might be eager to share as much information as possible with the seller’s agent. However, oversharing may give off the impression you’re desperately in need of the Boston condo and inadvertently ruin your chances of acquiring it. Don’t give the agent reason to believe you have the means and determination to purchase the condo at a price well above what you could actually buy it for.

2. Don’t make a lowball offer of the Boston condo for sale

Starting with a lowball offer just to test the waters may come off as you trying to see if the seller is desperate to sell the condo may backfire. Most sellers will view this as an insult. You’ll ruin your chances of the purchase before you officially even start the negotiation process.

3. Don’t come with your best offer straight away

On the flip side, don’t make the mistake of starting the negotiation with your best offer on the Boston condo for sale. It’s an unwritten rule that negotiations typically start with a lower price than what you’re in fact willing to pay. The other side will view this as such, and will come with a counter offer that you’re not able to respond to. The seller will simply not assume you’re being reasonable and honest.

4. Hide your excitement

Keep yourself neutral in front of the seller or their agent. Don’t let them see the excitement as you picture yourself lounging in your new living room or admiring the bathroom.  By staying indifferent, the seller or their agent will not see an opportunity to inflate the price during negotiations.

5. Send a concise offer letter

Your offer shouldn’t be just a number on a piece of paper. Instead, you should craft the letter in such a way that it communicates commitment, and seriousness and reflects all the reasons why your offer is objective and reasonable.

Updated: Boston Real Estate Blog 2022

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Boston condos
Boston condos

When negotiating a Boston real estate sale, remember this …

A perfect Boston real estate deal is when the seller gets his/her asking price and the buyer is willing to pay it. Perfect rarely happens, but you always have available options. As one marketer said regarding available options:

That’s not the same as perfect.

The best available option is always available.

Perfect almost never is.

If you care enough to submit an offer, you can care enough – not to wait for perfect.