It’s not in some fantasy world.

It’s in Brooklyn, NYC.

New York City, home of rent-stabilized and rent-controlled apartments.

94,000 of them.

The New York Times has a funny story about a woman who is suing the current owner of her apartment, because he/she charged her too much in rent.

She moved in to her current apartment, in 1966.

Although it’s not clear what her original rent was, in 1970 it went up, to $80.72, and is now set at $94.18.

Over the years, however, her various landlords (the building was sold several times) tried to get more money out of her. At one point, she was charged $570, per month.

Well, she’s a smart cookie … for a ninety year old (not sure her real age).

She took the current owner to court (not sure why he should be held responsible for the actions of prior owners, but that’s not explained, clearly, in the story).

Since 1976, the lawsuit says, Ms. Dittmer has been overcharged, in total, $84,465.80, which works out to $237.93 a month.

In the lawsuit, Ms. Dittmer, who did not return calls seeking comment, is seeking $253,397.40, or three times the total overpayment, plus lawyers’ fees and interest, for a round total of $350,000.

That’s the most awesome thing I’ve ever heard of!

Full story: An apartment for $94.18? You’ll have to go to court. – By Michael Brick, the New York Times

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Updated: January 2018

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