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Suppose you’re about to turn 65 you’re going to retire, and you have a lot of money. Or even better, you’re turning 62, 57, or 55 and have enough set aside to retire, now (I’ll be 80 years old before I retire, based on my financial advisor’s calculations).

Do you want to move? Where? Why? What’s important to you?

(C)onsulting group ProMatura Group LLC polled a statistical sample of 2,309 boomers recently and found that many already have some ideas about their future plans.

The survey, released at this month’s conference, found that:

More than half of homeowners age 45 to 54 are “likely� or “very likely� to buy a vacation home, investment property or new primary residence in the next five years. And that figure rises to nearly 60 percent for homeowners age 55 to 64.

Just under half of all homeowners 55 or older are likely to move into “active-adult� complexes.

One boomer household in five is thinking about moving into an age-restricted adult community – more than double what a similar study found five years ago.

For example, just 1.7 percent of homeowners age 55 or older say they’re “likely� to retire to golf-related communities. And just 5 percent want even a view of a golf course.

By contrast, 25.5 percent hope to live on (or at least have a view of) a lake or river.

Complete article: Boomers facing retirement options – by Kenneth R. Harney, by way of The Boston Herald

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Updated: January 2018

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