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Private equity and other major investment firms have donated more to Joe Biden than President Donald Trump so far this election cycle, campaign filings show, despite the potential for higher taxes.

And while some companies with a heavy focus on Boston real estate have been keeping hush on their candidate of choice, at least one firm is bucking that trend.

Weight behind Biden, in the real estate market

Others at Blackstone, which has $564 billion in assets under management, are throwing their weight behind Biden, however.

The firm’s president, Jonathan Gray, and his wife Mindy hosted a virtual fundraiser for the former vice president in July. Tony James, Blackstone’s executive vice chairman, meanwhile, held a big-money bash for Biden in June. James is also considered a top contender for a position in a Biden cabinet, according to Bloomberg News. (James reportedly turned down an offer from the Obama administration to serve as secretary of commerce — instead holding out to be Treasury secretary.)


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