Okay, buyers only.

This blog is read by over 1,000 every day. Most aren’t my clients.

I’m curious.

Why are the rest of you thinking of buying, these days?

Aren’t you concerned about your purchase losing value over the coming months? Aren’t you concerned about being able to qualify for a loan?

On the Boston.com real estate blog, there are a couple of commenters who seem to think that anyone who buys a home in this market is absolutely insane. They also think that anyone who suggests that the real estate market in Eastern Massachusetts is slow but steady (meaning, to me, “healthy”) is full of baloney.

I have my own opinions, based on what I see and hear. Of course, my point of view is considered biased.

So, I’ll leave it to you to tell it like it is.

If you are looking to buy sometime over the coming months, why?

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