One of my agents just recently rented out a Boston apartment to a few college students, and I’ve noticed almost all our recent rentals with college students involved printed checks. Which begs the question:

Why are you still writing a personal check to pay your Boston apartment rent in 2018?

Research shows that 78 percent of renters prefer to pay their rent electronically, yet the industry as a whole is still only collecting about 30 percent of its payments online. This is symptomatic of a sector of the real estate industry that hasn’t quite caught up to the increasing demands for these types of functionalities and amenities. Yet, these young college students and their parents pay electronically their Visa and Master card bills. Why not your rent?

Research shows that consumers who rent crave online resources: 60.1 percent of all renters used a smartphone or tablet during their recent search, and 68.2 percent of renters searched for their apartment/home extensively online before visiting the property in person. That said, almost 90 percent of respondents still feel it’s important to view the property in person before they make their final decision. This opens up the possibilities for revolutionary technology in drones, 3D and even virtual reality technologies.

Anyone will agree that the entire process of leasing apartments and buying Boston condos will eventually take place digitally — from online documentation and payments to automated agent selection and virtual home selection. The direction we’re headed is pretty clear; it’s just a matter of how fast we intend to get there.

As Bob Dylan would say:

“The times are a changin…….Mothers and Fathers throughout the land, please don’t criticize what you can’t understand, your sons and your daughters are beyond your command, your old road is rapidly aging….”

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