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We’ve touched on two differences that the coronavirus is causing in residential real estate sales; the cumbersome arrangements that Sellers are starting to require for Buyers to view Boston condos for sale, and how wearing masks will help Boston condo buyers hide their interest in a home.

Another change. The Boston real estate marketing flyers are now almost done, like the daily printed newspapers, and public open houses are also heading for extinction too – and the 3D tours are being heralded as a worthy substitute.

My Boston real estate thoughts 

It’s too bad too, because the industry never fully grasped the biggest benefit of open houses – helping to create urgency in the buyers, especially when a Boston condo for sale is fresh on the market.

The 3D tours are very useful, and buyers should love them for offering maximum convenience within minutes – or seconds. Boston condo  Sellers don’t have to leave their homes every Sunday afternoon, and agents won’t have to work on Sundays.

What’s wrong with that?

Have you ever seen a perfect Boston condo for sale?  Me neither.

The 3D tour allows the viewer to scroll around the home at their own pace, which is a plus. 

But, rather than relying on a thorough walk-around with an agent who is explaining every nuance, the home-buying decisions will be based on fancy imagery on a computer screen.

But it’s the internet viewers who click out too quickly who will miss out – and fewer buyers relying on less information isn’t a positive for sales.  Instead, the sales process gets dumbed down further, and those who support the 3D tours as an adequate substitute for agent advice are contributing to the downfall.

Wasn’t it all going that way anyway? Yes. But some traditions are worth saving.

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