GIT Properties, run by Mario Nicosia, has done an extraordinary job of making the area South of Washington Street in Boston a great success. Through his continued efforts (as well as a strong housing market, etc.) the area has drawn other investors, homeowners, and shopowners to the neighborhood.

This doesn’t mean his company can’t make a mistake, every now and then.

Here’s a great quote from today’s article in the Boston Globe:

John Kiger, GTI’s leasing director for commercial properties, said his phone has been ringing constantly since January as more businesses seek to move into the area. But GTI, he said, is near full.

For now there is an uneasy coexistence between the new and old on this end of the South End. Just steps away is the Pine Street Inn, which on any given day can shelter dozens or hundreds of homeless.

“There’s no question about it, it ain’t pretty,” said Kiger. “Like any urban area you have to watch out. It’s not Wellesley. We’re in the business of turning the lights on. You create a reason for people to come here, like the galleries or the restaurants. Then you have people walking around. For lack of a more interesting metaphor, when you turn the lights on, the roaches scatter.”


That’s pretty damn harsh.

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Updated:  1st Q 2018