As a Boston real estate broker I always tell my clients the same thing, buy what makes you happy and if you can afford it, do whatever you want. 
However, I caution them to not be surprised if you don’t make a wise decision and in 10 years when you sell it’s listed at the exact same price you bought it for today. 
I’ve always had the same mentality that you should buy something that you can create value with. If you don’t want to create value, then I urge my clients to at least purchase something that is timeless and in a good location and will survive changing markets.

Homes Age…Fast

In the high-end, luxury market homes from three years ago already look aged.
That’s the problem with modern architecture, the advancements are rapid, and everyone wants the shiniest toys. 
Now, I’m not trying to deter anyone from buying a new home, and I’m not trying to alienate every developer in town. My point is that, as a realist, I love watching my clients make money.
But I also have a ton of clients that need someone to help guide them towards making wise purchases and smarter investments. I would pass along the same valuable information to a developer that was trying to make money as I would to a buyer who wants to make smarter decisions. 
As a real estate agent I’ve seen everything from both sides of the fence.
I can think ahead into the future to predict what the market will do based on past patterns, and I can educate both buyers and sellers.
That’s the great part about being a real estate agent, I have an in-depth knowledge of the market. 

Bottom Line

Make wise investments, and place your money into location over the latest gadgets and gizmos that a new condominium features and I strongly believe that you will be much happier in the end!

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