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Your thoughts on the Boston Condo Market

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Your thoughts on the Boston Condo Market

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As the last deals of 2020 will be tallied in the next week or so. we’re getting a good picture of how the downtown Boston real estate market fared.

Surprising probably no one who has watched boutique stores close on Charles Street in Beacon Hill the year 2020 in home sales in the Boston real estate market tally up most likely grim, even though there have been recent signs of improvements

Boston Real Estate – Apartment Market

Battered by a ban on apartment showings at the beginning of the pandemic, a shutdown of construction sites, and a decrease in potential buyers as downtown Boston has lost residents, the Beacon Hil apartment rental market was the worse I’ve ever seen in my 20 plus years as a Boston real estate broker.

There are still over 200 plus vacant apartments just in Beacon Hill which is only 1/4 mile square.

Boston Condo and Apartment Prices

But prices don’t seem to have collapsed to the same extent, yes there was a dip, and true Boston landlords are picking up the fee and providing one month’s free rent. But overall no collapse in either market,

In a pattern that suggests a widening socio-economic divide, affluent buyers continued to snap up expensive apartments, reports from several brokerages show, while entry-level buyers, who are more likely to be unemployed because of Covid-19, were practically absent.
.But in the end, 2020 concluded in much the same way that it began, with the Boston real estate market exhibiting signs of stabilization and resilience.


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