Zillow’s statisticians have been hard at work analyzing 4th-quarter results for many metropolitan areas, broken down by city, ZIP code, and by neighborhood. Interesting, mildly useful.

(Why do I get the feeling that by “statisticians” they actually mean unpaid college interns?)

Zillow Reports: Compared to 4th-quarter, 2006, 4th-quarter, 2007, ZIP code 02127 was very popular, according to Zillow. Using their Zillow Interest Index (ZII), which is roughly the number of visitors to the Zillow site searching on that ZIP code divided by the number of homes in that area, geographically.

They gave South Boston a rank of “53” for Sept-Dec, 2007, up from a rank of “42” for Sept-Dec, 2006, a marked improvement.

Of all other Boston neighborhoods, only 02121, 02122,02124, and 02125 are mentioned in this report. 02122 had a change of +4, 02124 had a change of -1, 02125 and 02121 had no change, year-to-year.

The whole “interest index” is fun, but, really, does it mean anything? (No.)

Other parts of the report are more useful (USEFUL INFORMATION COMING UP, RICK!):

According to the report, South Boston was one of the few neighborhoods to have a positive year-to-year change in average home price, rising 7.7%.

Prices have risen 4% on an annualized basis, over the last 5 years and risen 10% on an annualized basis, over the past 10 years. Meaning, what? That prices have increased 100% in South Boston during the past decade? Seems hard to believe. But, apparently so.

Source: Quarterly Home Value Reports – Zillow.com

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