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5 Checkpoints Before You Sign a Rent Agreement

Are you shifting to a new place? New town, new friends, a great new apartment! It’s the start of a new life altogether. Though it’s all very thrilling, don’t let it get the better of you, be methodical in your research. While moving away, finding a house is one of the main worries-apart from the moving and rent charges. Checking  or a house on rent can be an overwhelming experience. One of the things you must be watchful of is the rent agreement. You need to consider a lease agreement to avoid rude disclosures.
Below are 5 things that you have to know before signing on the Rental Agreement.

1. Tenants Regulation and Rights of the State:

You need to investigate the neighborhood, the room owner, and also the occupant laws valid in the area where you are planning to move. If you find yourself a respectable landlord who is eager  o sign the rental agreement, read the points properly and carefully. Note down all the complicated details in the tenancy paper to protect yourself from any new surprises in the future. Look for any extra fees, such as security deposit, application fee, amenity fee, and so on. If
you’re unclear about the charges, clarify your worries with your landlord. Remember, a tenancy agreement should be signed by both the parties to safeguard transparency.

2. Rent Clause

In the clause, you must always check the rent you will pay and the increase of the rent section. If no hike is stated in the document and the proprietor chooses to upsurge the rent price in the next few months, then you can easily confront him. There is typically a 10% rental raise after 12
months, and you have to be clear that this is registered or if you are content with it.
The rent is typically changed after 11 months, not a year since it has to be recorded if the period is more than 11 months. Also, look out for the security deposit and ask the owner whether you will get the deposit amount back once when you vacate the house.
The document must also list a closure clause, stating the period of stay and notice period, if any. Check the mode of payment before signing the contract to avoid any confusion.

3. Check the Status of the Property

Before shifting in, you must visit the house that you are going to rent. Many people do not pay much attention to thoroughness. Validate that the rudimentary construction, such as flooring, walls, paintwork, electrical appliances, wiring, switchboards plumbing fixtures, and water connection in washrooms and kitchen all these must be in good condition. If you anything strange or something spoiled or not in good condition, directly inform the owner and have it
restored before moving in.
An additional reason for notifying the owner is that you will not be liable for the destruction or pay for it after you have shifted in. Both the parties can work mutually on the rent back agreement that will let the owner buy himself extra time to think over such issues.

4. Customization:

Everybody loves to beautify their homes with pictures. If you plan to rent a place for a few years, please let your owner know if you can drill into the walls for dangling pictures or sculptures, or if you are allowable to redecorate the walls, and so on. The rental agreement typically details out the extent of customization that one is allowed to make. It is very significant to ask the landlord for faulty conditions in the rental possessions, and also to resolve on the procedures for treating preservation and repair.

5. Additional Terms and Conditions

Go through the rent agreement for any precise terms and conditions that the proprietor might levy, in addition to the public rules. For instance, he might claim on not letting pets or late work hours working, late-night parties, loud music, and so on. These need to be specified in the agreement and can help you plan whether the property suits your needs.


Do not forget that, at the end of the day, property-owners are salespeople, and you are their clients. Have a proper discussion about the rent indicated, and if you feel a lower rate is appropriate, do not hesitate to negotiate the amount!

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