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8 Pros and Cons of Using SMS Marketing in Real Estate

Advancements in communication technology have been a boon to marketing professionals because these provide a lot of new ways to get in touch with their target audiences. Take a short messaging service or SMS, for example. Also known as text messaging, this form of communication on mobile phones has grown in popularity immensely in the past decade.

Since almost everybody today has a mobile phone, you can easily reach anyone through text messaging. Thus, marketers in many fields and industries are taking advantage of this innovative method of tapping into new markets and keeping in touch with them. Real estate is no exception to this, and many marketing practitioners in this sector are increasingly looking into the use of SMS for their promotional activities and sales. Click here to learn more about some of the innovative tools used in the real estate industry:

 SMS marketing usually consists of a strategic message that informs recipients of anything from new products and promotional discounts to sales events and other information. They can also contain a link to a survey so that you can get a feel for customer satisfaction. It’s also possible to use them as an appointment or service reminder.

 If you are in the real estate industry, here are just some of the reasons why SMS marketing may finally be the solution you are looking for to enhance your sales and marketing performance.

  • It is fast and immediate. No other communication method to your target audiences may be as quick and apparent as text messaging. You can also send a single message to multiple recipients at the touch of a virtual button. You can also send it at any time of day when you want to get an important message across to the public.
  • It is more cost-efficient. That being said, SMS marketing gives you more bang for your marketing budget buck, especially compared to traditional tactics such as billboard advertising. All in all, you can expect to spend less per text message that you send. The good news is that considering the wide net you can cast with text messaging, imagine the immense return on investment as these individuals respond positively to your message.
  • People respond to it more. By nature, a text message is displayed and easily accessible as it arrives on your phone, compared to other methods such as email where the recipient needs to open it (or even be aware that it is in their inbox to begin with). Thus, SMS marketing recipients are also more inclined to respond to the message because it is short and easy to digest.
  • It is more intimate and personal. We usually receive text messages from friends and loved ones. Thus, when that alert comes in, people would usually have a relaxed, receptive mindset. Even if you are selling a product or introducing a service in an SMS, the recipient may be more susceptible to trying them out because they feel it is less of a hard sell and more a personalized message to them.
  • Its performance is measurable and trackable. This is especially true for marketing professionals who may be working in a company, where the boss would always want to know about how effective and efficient your advertising and promotional efforts are. The great thing with SMS marketing is that the platforms used for blasting out text messages are equipped with analytics and data that show you the number of people you have reached, how they have responded, and many other useful analytics data.

On other hand, SMS marketing is not the proverbial silver bullet that will solve all your marketing and sales goals. There are also a number of things to consider about SMS marketing in terms of its limitations and dangers.

  • It demands time and attention. Just like any other marketing tactic or channel, SMS marketing requires your full attention. If you decide to add it into your arsenal of promotional strategies, you would need to devote just the same amount of time in studying the market carefully and developing a strategy in communicating with your customers through SMS.
  • It demands creativity. In as much as text messaging is immediate, the way you communicate and develop the content is also very important. Given the 160-character limit of text messages, you need to convey your message in a proper and effective manner. Professional language is still necessary and using abbreviations incorrectly may put off or confuse your recipients.
  • It may annoy people. Timing and frequency are also critical in sending out text messages. Bombarding your customers with too many messages will definitely irk them, and they will simply opt-out of your list. Not being able to keep in touch with them on a regular basis, on the other hand, will make you lose momentum and lead to fewer responses.

All in all, SMS marketing is well worth a shot if you are looking to step up your sales and marketing game in the real estate arena. It is a sure-fire way of getting your listings out there and growing your portfolio of prospective buyers. It is best to study this technology and to learn all that you can so you can maximize its use toward your marketing goals.

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