A story about a Beacon Hill Real Estate Broker and his bike

It is finally that time of year in Massachusetts when it is safe to go outside without the danger of frostbite or slipping on the ice.

There is a thing I have been noticing on the bike trails these days. People are listening to music without headphones. That means that we all get to listen to their music. Yippee!  I just love listening to someone else’s music as I bike through the woods said no one ever.

Headphones were a great invention. They come in all shapes and sizes and price points.

Riding through the woods and listening to the birds is priceless.

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My Bike Ride to Beacon Hill

In Massachusetts, we’re fortunate that Gov. Baker hasn’t issued a Stay-in-Place order. We’re still allowed to go outside and exercise, which I encourage everybody to do.

Yesterday, I did what a few months ago I would have thought to be unimaginable, I rode my bike from Lexington Center to Beacon Hill (12.5 Miles)/which is not bad for an overweight Beacon Hill real estate broker like me. As I approached the Charles River, I was pleasantly surprised that even casual walkers were practicing the social distancing on the bike path (keeping six feet apart).

By the time I rode my bike to Charles Street in Beacon Hill the pleasant thoughts I witnessed on the bike trails turned to horror.

Why Are Beacon Hill Real Estate Offices Open?

Let me start this part of the story with this, a new pandemic means entirely new slang terms, starting with this one “COVIDIOT.”

According to the Urban Dictionary, a COVIDIOT can be defined by a few parameters. But it’s mainly someone who ignores warnings about COVID-19 — perhaps promoting that “it’s just the flu” — and fails to practice social distancing.

One of my competitors, who I will not mention by name, displayed an open for business sign on the front door of the Beacon Hill real estate office he works at.

Now. I understand these are tough times for Beacon Hill real estate agents whose only form of income is through apartment broker fees. But I strongly encourage my fellow real estate agents to please follow the recommendations set forth by our local; Boston Realtor Association. I’ve spoken with a number of my colleagues, and 99% of them are following the guidelines and at the same time helping their clients and generally doing business via the internet.

I strongly encourage Beacon Hill agents to socialize with your clients but socialize virtually on FaceTime. Call your clients on conference calls. Use the online applications that allow for groups of people to talk. Don’t, please don’t be Covidiot here and think you’re getting away with something just because the cops aren’t able to shut you down.

An Important Lesson I Learned on My Bike Ride

If you’re in your 50’s and you wake up one morning and have this idea;  “I’m going to ride my bike 24 miles today, (Lexington Center to Beacon Hill and back). You may want to think twice about this, perhaps start off with baby steps like just riding your bike to the grocery store or the local Dunkin Donuts, and work your way up, the coronavirus is a killer, but so is a heart attack.

And should a family of four whiz by you on your $800.00 state-of-the-art, high-tech bike, don’t be embarrassed, it could happen to anybody.

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Boston real estate

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