Back Bay condo sales data

Back Bay condo sales data 3rd Q 2014
















Back Bay condo sales data for the 3rd Quarter:

The following are the number of Back Bay condo sales:

2008 number of Back Bay condo sales – 178  which is up 7.23% from the prior year.

2009 number of Back Bay sales – 149 this down from 16.29% from 2008.

2010 completed 129 Back Bay condominium sales which is down 13.42% from previous year.

2011 – 150 sales took place in the 3rd quarter, up 16.28% from 2010.

2012 – 179 sales transactions took place, up 19.33% from 2011.

2013 number of Back Bay property sales 128, up less than one percent fro 2012.

2014 number of Back Bay condo sales in the third quarter was 128, down close to 30% from last year.

Back Bay average condo sales price:

The following are average sale prices for Back Bay condos from 2008 through 2014 fro the third quarter.

2008 – average selling price for a typical Back Bay condominium was $1,368,699.00 which was up a whooping 86.99% from the previous year.

2009 – average sold price for Back Bay condominiums was $850,876.00 down 37.83%.

2010 Back Bay condo average sales price $944,258.00 down 3.77% from 2009.

2011 average Back Bay property sale was $974,250 up 6.35%.

2012 Back Bay condominiums average sales price $1,036,129 up 6.36% from previous year.

2013 the average Back Bay home price was $1,102,086.00 up ^6.37%.

In 2014 the average Back Bay sales transaction price was a record breaking $1,400,343 up 27.06%. Highest recorded sales price for the third quarter.



Back Bay condo sales data 2014

Back Bay condo sales data for 2014


Back Bay condo sales data for 2014.

Average days on the market for Back Bay condo sale in 2008 was 90 days in 2014 it was 40 days based on 3rd quarter sales data.



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