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Boston Beacon Hill condos

Did you know that 80% of Boston homes were built before 1980? It’s true, and for most home buyers, it’s a plus. Many of our 70’s and 80’s homes, midcentury marvels, and well-built turn of the century bungalows and foursquare homes have good bones — they just need an imaginative eye to renovate them.

If you’re looking for a Boston Beacon Hill remodel project, you’re not alone. Several of Boston most famous and well loved landmarks are old homes that got saved from the wrecking ball and turned into something beautiful.

While your Beacon Hill condominium remodel may be less ambitious and historical in nature, it’s good to keep an eye out for Boston’s hidden gems.

Once you and your Boston Beacon Hill buyer’s agent have made a successful offer on the Portland home you hope to remodel, what’s next?

Look for inspiration

  1. Look for inspiration. Not only can you tour a few of the marvelous Beacon Hill condos homes at open house in person, you can find even more inspiration online.

Set a budget

  1. Set a budget. According to the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI), the biggest factors affecting your budget are: Whether there will be structural changes needed to the Beacon Hill home (removing walls, adding rooms), age of the home’s “infrastructure” (electrical, plumbing, etc.), your preference for materials, and how much custom or craftsman work you’ll want to put into the home.

Create a timeline

  1. Create a timeline. So many people leave this out, and it’s so important for everyone’s sanity. You don’t want to live in a construction zone for the next decade, do you? Okay, maybe you do. Either way, have a plan to wrap up each room or project by a set date. Especially on a tight budget, something that can help a lot is being willing to do some of the work yourself. Not everyone is a latent craftsperson, but most of us can handle some demolition work, painting or shopping for recycled materials at a bargain price.
    Please note that it is tough to get a good Boston contractor to start work next week right now. Many are booked up until next year! With our low unemployment rate and recent strong increases in home equity, there is a little discussed remodeling boom and not enough good contractors to go around, so plan ahead!

Choose your team

  1. Choose your team. Even if you’re a hardcore DIY-er, there are some things you’ll want to leave to the pros. If you plan on changing the footprint of the home, raising the roof or any other major change, hire an architect. They’ll help you with everything from defining contracts with builders to getting permits from the City of Boston. Plumbing and electrical work should always be done with — at the very minimum — the supervision of a licensed professional. (As your Boston real estate agent, I beg you to keep potential resale complications in mind.)

See it through

  1. See it through. It’s easy to get burnt out with remodeling projects. Keep the final goal in mind, whether you need to tack up pictures from Architectural Digest in your closet or hold yourself accountable to the public by launching your own remodel blog. Don’t settle for good enough. You’ll be much more comfortable in your home once it’s finished to your customized design!

Talk to your agent

  1. Talk to your agent. If you’re considering selling in the next 12 months, your Boston Beacon Hill real estate agent would love to talk to you! It is good to remodel with the real estate market in mind and not just for your personal preference – if you are planning to sell soon. Let your real estate agent have input on what to do and what not to do. We see a lot of houses and experience first hand what sells and what does no

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