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New restrictions do not affect Back Bay Condo sales

Last week Governor Baker put some tighter restrictions on restaurants due to the spread of COVID-19 in the state. 

There are also new restrictions on private social gatherings too:

 I believe its10-person limit for indoor AND outdoor gatherings.

Most of the restrictions put on pubs and restaurants  Personally, I have been going to the grocery store but if I get there and it seems too crowded or there are too many people with their noses hanging out of their masks I leave and return later.

Early on during the first lockdown, there were restrictions on open houses and we could list houses for virtual showings only. Currently, there aren’t any restrictions on open houses but that doesn’t mean they are safe. Most downtown Boston condos are selling without having an open house.

I recently conducted an open house in Beacon Hill, but truth be told more individuals viewed on Youtube than showed at the open house.

There are people buying and selling Boston real estate right now. We have learned how to make it as safe as possible but like with everything else there are no guarantees.

Boston real estate agents generally don’t touch anything in an occupied home and we all wear masks and make sure that our clients wear masks too. We limit the number of people who can see home to decision-makers only and do not allow overlapping showings.

Boston Real Estate and the Bottom Line

So far real estate sales have been a bright spot in the economy. Home sales create jobs and put money into the local economy. 

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