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Boston condo broker and the dessert menu

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Boston condo broker and the dessert menu

We’re all been guilty of doing it at least once. You know it’s not right, not polite, but if you can do it inconspicuously, what the heck, especially while viewing the desert menu.

They were at the table to the left of us. The Back Bay restaurant was small and the tables close together. We just been served our food, and with a lull in our conversation, the man’s cell phone, at the next table, began to ring, he lowered the volume on the phone  We both pretended we didn’t hear it and resumed dipping our bread in the olive oil. While I started a conversation about my last Beacon Hill apartment showing.

No sooner than I could twirl my spaghetti, the man’s phone rang again. I could see his date bite her lip.

It was obvious they were on a first date and the phone ringing was an intrusion neither of them wanted. The man saw the number, sighed, and then answered.

(Now please note, we only heard half the conversation, so one shouldn’t jump to conclusions.)

“Yes, honey I know, I’m on a business trip and there’s not much I can do from here. Yes, I’ll call you back soon, okay. I love you to, good-bye”


I honestly didn’t know whom to feel worse for, the guy or his date. The woman looked at a loss for words as did he, finally he said, “I’m sorry”. The guy drank some wine and forced a smile.

“Listen”, he said. “I’ve something I have to tell you (awkward pause). Let’s leave hear, I know of a seaport bar you’d enjoy.” The man’s date tried to be encouraging, while placing her napkin back on the table and said, “I always wanted to visit the Seaport.

We were about to ask for the check when we overheard that the people seated at the table behind us were having a very animated conversation. We distinctly heard the female say, “How could you think I’d be okay with that?’

The waiter approached us and asked if we’d like anything else.

We looked at each other. In wordless agreement, “Can we see the dessert menu?”

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