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Boston condo broker and the exercise story

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Boston condo broker and the exercise story

The Boston condo broker researched the treadmill market on the internet. He was intent on good habits from thereon, starting with a morning mile walk.

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“Do you think you’ll last even a month?” asked his wife. Two months later, she noted that the treadmill made for a great drying rack for his shirts and undershirts.

Nothing is as firm as a habit, so the Boston condo broker researched stationary exercise bikes. A 5-mile ride in the morning was the way to start a productive day.

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“That thing,” said his wife after two months, “is perfect for drying pants and pillowcases.”

The rowing machine – the next purchase – was better yet for drying socks.

Moral of the story: Start good habiits, bad habits are hard to break

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