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Boston condo broker reflects on the word ‘vintage’

Sometimes I have unusual dinner conversations with my fellow Boston condo brokers and their families. Let me provide you with an example.

Over the weekend, I was at a brokers Boston Seaport condo, the conversation came up about a vintage car that one of our Boston condo broker friends just bought. The conversation evolved into what the word “vintage’ meant.

I found out that the word vintage has a different meaning depending on your age. The host mom was present, and she chimed in that vintage was early 20th century. One Boston real estate broker countered that the word “vintage’ it’s the 1950’s. He then turned to his 13-year-old daughter and asked her what she considered ‘vintage’

“Oh, you know” she said, “back when they used to communicate using paper.”

Well, that’s my Boston condo story of the day. Now, I’m going to leave my Boston Beacon Hill office and buy a Boston Globe newspaper.

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