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Boston condo brokers day – Different as black is to white

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Boston condo brokers day – Different as black is to white

I gazed up to the bright blue sky with slight orange streaks of light that seemed to have been intricately painted, on this canvas. The sky was peppered with small, white bolls of cotton, slowly floating along the blue expanse. But then it was interrupted.

The sound of Downtown Crossing was a bit unbearable; loud music, girls yelling, the hustle bustle of business people garbing lunch near the street carts and fast food chains, all broke my moment of tranquility. I was heading back towards Beacon Hill after my Midtown high rise condo showing.

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As I headed down Cambridge Street, I noticed the West End library in the distance. I paced forward, hurrying on the stone steps leading towards the library. The library soon emerged, sheltered by the trees and with an air of tranquility around it. Within seconds, I had reached the cold, glass door of the library and swung it open.

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Instantaneously, the world seemed quiet and still. I glanced at the dozens of book  I noticed people on their laptops, furiously typing away, their faces tense. I said hello to the security guard who was half a sleep as I unloaded my bag and walked towards the center of the room where 6 computers were assembled on a round table. My eyes scoured for an available computer, there were two computers not in use. I pulled out my library card and typed in my I.D number and password, I heard the crackling of the surrounding keyboards. I realized now how I had visited two places today, each as different as black is to white. 

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