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Story about the new Beacon Hill resident

Story about the new Beacon Hill resident. The new Beacon Hill resident was hoping people would be nicer here than in New Jersey

People just aren’t nice anymore. At least, they aren’t to me, he thought

Thinking to himself, I know I shouldn’t take it personally, but I can’t help it. It seems like the nicer I am, the more rude people are to me.

Tonight at the WholeFoods store he was checking out, and he said to the young, pretty cashier, “You look nice this evening.”

She just goes, “Hmm.” Seriously?

She wasn’t the only one, just the most blatant.

He was happy he was able to walk up to his 4th Beacon Hill apartment front door.

“Hi, Bill! How was your day?”

Ugh. My annoying neighbor Maggie. Why can’t she mind her own business, he was thinking.

“Hey,”  he said, hurrying to get into his apartment so he could get away from Maggie.

Beacon Hill apartment - Ford Realty Inc

Beacon Hill apartment – Ford Realty Inc

Remember:  It’s so much easier to see faults in other people than in ourselves

If you’d like to live near Bill? No. Don’t worry I have Boston Beacon Hill apartments with friendly neighbors.

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Ford Realty Inc., Boston Real Estate for Sale

Ford Realty Inc., Boston Real Estate for Sale

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