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Boston condo divorce story

Boston condo divorce story

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Boston condo divorce story

It was a good divorce. They each took one of the cars and one of the labradoodles; they divided the silver, antiques, and paintings, put the Boston condo up for sale, agreed to split the proceeds,

As they were about to say goodbye were shaking hands, they both heard a musical tinkle from their patio garden. “Oh-oh,” she remembered, “my wind chimes.” “My wind chimes,” he corrected. They hurried across the Beacon Hill condo onto the garden patio and reached for the chimes at the exact same moment; they both yelled at each other on who owned to $20.00 wind chimes.

The Beacon Hill realtor found their bodies the next say, chimes twined around their throats

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Outdoor Large Wind Chimes - Garden Accents – Roger's Gardens

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