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Boston condo for sale and an embarrassing YouTube situation

During Covid, I ran a very successful ad campaign for a client selling a Boston condo for sale. The client was thrilled with it and remains a client to this day. But there was an awkward, bump along the way that drove home a lesson that I have now learned as Boston real estate broker.

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Boston condos for sale

In the midst of the campaign, I received a scathing email from my contacts elderly sister (in her 70’s) who was also part owner of the condominium. Ruth (not her real name) spotted a racy ad alongside the YouTube video we had uploaded a few days before. Ruth was furious and copied me and her younger sister for amplification about her anger. She was appalled that her condo she owned with her younger sister was appearing on the same page as an ad for a sex toy.

YouTube Ads

I had to privately explain to her – that Google/YouTube serves ads to you based on your personal search history. The ads that play on YouTube videos you watch are tailored to your interests.

Boston condo for sale YouTube videos

One awkward lesson I learned that day. Don’t assume everyone knows how YouTube ads work, this will avoid any surprises for them – especially embarrassing ones.

Boston condos for sale
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