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Boston Condo Owner: “I can see and hear you”

The other day I was touring a Back Bay condo with some buyers when I noticed a camera on one of the book shelves. I’m not sure if the camera was on because I didn’t see the little blinking green light so it may not have been recording but there could have been someone watching through the internet. Hard to tell.

Boston Condo Owners and Cameras

These cameras are popular as baby monitors and can be set up as motion detectors that will send an email to the owners who can activate an app on their tablet or smart phone or use a computer to get the same view the camera is getting. They are becoming more common in 2021.

Renters and Buyers Beware

In other words a homeowner could be away and watching people inside their condominium or apartment for rent and listening to what they have to say. The cameras can see and hear, zoom in or out and pan the room.

Boston Real Estate and the Bottom Line

I have to admit I would be tempted to watch if it were my home  was being toured by potential buyers. I use cameras instead of an alarm system.

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