When you’re selling your downtown Boston condo, you should have a set game plan for last minute showing requests. With a game plan, everyone in your household knows exactly what needs to be done to get your home ready to show quickly.

To help you prepare your Beacon Hill condo for showings, here is a list of the 6 most important things to remember when a downtown Boston real estate buyer  is coming to see your home.

1. Make Sure Everything is Neat and Tidy

The easiest way is to pack everything you don’t use on a regular basis and either put it in storage. A prospective Beacon Hill condo buyer understands you’re moving and can see past the boxes. What they can’t see past are the stacks of toys, clothes and clutter throughout your Back Bay home. The more you can remove from sight, the better. This gives your Boston Midtown condo a sense of space and makes it easier on you when you have to get things cleaned up for a showing.

2. Turn on All Lights

Most buyers are looking for a Boston North End condo with warmth and don’t want to live in a cave. Open the shades and turn on all the lights to give your home a bright and warm feeling. We also recommend installing the highest wattage bulbs in all of your lamps and fixtures. This gives an even brighter appearance and makes your home look even bigger. Also, don’t forget to turn on any outside lights, especially if the showing is in the evening.

3. Make your Home a Comfortable Temperature

There’s nothing that gives a prospective Boston Seaport condo buyer a sense of uneasiness than if a home is too hot or too cold. Use your central heat or central air conditioner to regulate the temperature to a comfortable setting. Put away all portable heaters and air conditioning units. We know a lot of you use these to mitigate heating and cooling costs. But, when a buyer sees too many portable units they’re not thinking the seller is trying to save some cash. They’re thinking what’s wrong with the heating or AC unit?

4. Clean Up Outside the Condo Building

You want your home to have a nice curb appeal. If a buyer doesn’t like what they see when they pull up, they may not even get out of the car to look inside. Spend a little time and make the outside of your Beacon Hill condo building look as nice as the inside. Clean up any debris or leaves outside the building.

5. Leave 15 minutes Before Scheduled Showing

Back Bay condo buyers will stay longer and look more seriously at homes where the seller is not home. Leave at least 15 minutes before the scheduled showing time to give buyers the privacy to look without feeling pressured or rushed. Make a list of coffee shops, parks or shopping areas you can go if you need to get out fast.

6. Don’t Forget to Bring Your Pets!

We know your pets are very friendly and wouldn’t hurt anyone. But, the rest of the world doesn’t know that. Many times when people see pets, they either turn around before going inside, or they rush around and get out as quickly as possible. Don’t give someone a reason to leave before they even come in.

Bottom Line

Spending some extra time preparing your Boston North End condo for sale for potential new owners can mean the difference between your home selling and not selling. This is especially important if your home is in a neighborhood with several Boston condos for sale. You want to make your home memorable to a buyer. Make them see how they’ll enjoy living in your home. You just might impress them enough to make an offer!

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