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There are many wonderful apps for Boston condo for sale buyers. There are a few where all you have to do is find a downtown Boston condo and tap on a link to schedule an appointment.

The apps belong to Boston real estate companies, real estate agents and companies that sell “leads” to real estate agents.

Go ahead and use the apps, they will save time and make your home search easier.

If you plan to work with a buyers agent choose the agent by interviewing a few or getting recommendations from people you know not by tapping on an app.

I recently worked with a home buyer who found his agent through an app. He found that the agent had no experience in the neighborhood or with the Beacon Hill condos he wanted to see.

For years I have worked with people who use the web site of a major real estate company to search for homes. It is one of the best home searches out there.

Developing software and working with home buyers are two very different occupations that require different skill sets.

I strongly encourage buyers who wish to shop for a home online or with their phone to choose the web site or the app that they find the easiest to use and the most useful.

 For Boston condos for sale selecting a Boston real estate agent. Here are a few tips:

1) How long have they been in the real estate business?

Take into consideration how long the agent has been involved in Boston real estate, and what roles they’ve had. Multiple roles may help the process go a little smoother. Also find out if this is their full time job, or just something they do on the side.

2) Do they have real estate specialties & credentials?

Real estate agents who specialize in downtown condos may not be the best match to sell or purchase a house.

3) What is their average Boston condo sale like? 

Find out how long it takes to make an average sale, and what the initial asking prices were, as well as the final sale prices. This is an indication of how skilled the agent is at showing homes and marketing them.

4) What is their real estate marketing plan?

Find out what marketing plan the agent plans on using. Look for aggressive, innovative approaches and familiarity with technology. They should be able to speak about potential buyers, and how they will reach them.

5) Check that they’re real estate license 

Agents are licensed in the states that they are selling in—in this case, Massachusetts. Check with your state’s regulatory body to find out if the agent is licensed, or if there have been any documented disciplinary actions or complaints.

6) Check their current Boston condo listings

Look at the agent’s current downtown Boston real estate listings. You can look on the agent’s own website and on services like and How long have they been on the market and do the listings match what you’re trying to buy or sell? This is a good indication of how they may be able to perform for you.

7) Talk with recent clients

Ask for a list of what they’ve listed and sold in the past year with contact information. Find out if anybody was particularly pleased or disappointed. Look for properties that match the one you’re selling or buying and find out how long it was on the market and ask the buyers and sellers what their experience was like with this agent.

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