Some Boston condo buyers don’t fully understand or appreciate the importance of having a Boston condo association. For all they know it is just another monthly payment that they are required to pay. However, what they don’t realize is that condo fees can add far more value to the building and the neighborhood. Not only do they enforce community/building rules and guidelines, but they also offer perks. Overall, the condo association protects the homeowner’s Boston condo investment.

Standard building condo fees include security, common area maintenance, water, trash, cable services and complex community amenities (i.e., gyms, pools, spas, and recreational rooms), etc. In addition, condo fees also can offer limited liability insurance for their condominium. Boston condo buildings are required to make necessary exterior repairs so that all condos in the building are up to code and uniform, which helps maintain home values. There are many hidden values in a home being managed by an professional condo association manager.

With a condo association regulating policies, condominiums and their common areas are diligently preserved to a set standard. The community is clean, uniform and presents well to potential buyers who are looking to purchase a condominium in the building.