Boston condos for sale: Tip of the day

Boston condos for sale, tip of the day;l drive around the neighborhood at various times of the day. When you first a Boston condo for sale, it may be on a weekday when nobody in the neighborhood is home. Don’t you want to see what the neighborhood is like on the weekend, or late in the evenings? Are your neighbors out exercising or walking their dogs? Are they unafraid to be out alone after dark? How many cars are parked along the street? Do people waive and seem friendly, or do they stick to themselves? Is the neighborhood well lit at night by streetlights? Do nosey neighbors watch your unfamiliar car as you drive through the neighborhood?

Cruising through a Boston downtown area at different times and days of the week can give you some valuable insight on what the neighborhood is like. You should be able to get a sense of how safe the neighborhood is, and how friendly your new neighbors may be. Ultimately, you should feel good about becoming part of the community, and look forward to calling the area “home”

My neighborhood of Beacon Hill

In my Boston neighborhood of Beacon Hill, I was pleasantly surprised how friendly the neighbors were. I was also impressed  by how the community works together or various projects. For example, nest month we will be participating in the Beacon Hill spring clean up project.

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