Two things your should do before placing an offer on a Boston condo for sale

Take measurement

Love your leather sectional, king size bed, and banquet size dining room table? You should probably make sure it all fits in your new Boston condos for sale. Even if you are buying new furnishings and appliances, it’s a good idea to take measurements first. Believe me, you won’t want to make the mistake of lugging a brand new 300 pound stainless steel refrigerator up the stairs to your kitchen, just to find out it’s too wide to fit between your counters! In addition, make sure to measure the garage door opening, especially if you drive a large SUV or truck.

I usually suggest clients take measurements during their home inspection, since they’ll probably be at the house for a few hours anyway. Make sure to write the measurements down and take some photos while you’re at it; you’ll thank yourself later on. When measuring, remember to account for overhangs, offsets and the additional clearance that may be needed. Also, don’t forget to measure doorways, hallways and other access points to the Boston condo for sale. 

 Check For Noise & Traffic

With so much coming at you at once, you probably won’t notice noise the first time you visit a Boston condos for sale. However, once you move in, you’ll start to hear all the noises in and around your home. For those who are sensitive to noise, living next to train tracks, a freeway or even an airport, can literally drive you crazy. Even if you don’t think outside noise would bother you, consider the impact it might have on your resale value.

Check maps for nearby highways, airports, train tracks/stations, schools, businesses, etc. Drive the neighborhood and surrounding areas a few times to see what types of potential causes of noise are in the area. If you attend your home inspection, spend some time outside quietly listening. What do you hear? Are the same noises also loud inside, or is the home well insulated? These are some good questions to ask yourself to ensure you’ll get the peace and quiet you’re looking for