What happens when Boston condo inventory exceeds buyer demand?

I’m sure you know. The big question here is, when will this happen Boston condo market? To answer that question we need to understand that Boston luxury condos are the canary birds of the housing market. This means they are the first to fall when the market softens.

Should I buy a Boston Condo for sale?

Yes, because it could be a great investment Buying a Boston condo or Boston high rise condo when the market is soft can yield the highest possible returns when the real estate market is hot again. There was a time, not long ago, when you could not buy a condo in the Boston Seaport District, literally zero inventory. That time will come again and those condo sellers will be incredibly happy. Hey, and if you’re considering picking up an investment property in the Boston Seaport to rent out (a fantastic plan by the way) what is more worry-free then a Boston condo near the water? The condo assocation and neighbors in close proximity will naturally keep an eye on the unit and a lot of the required maintenance is already done for you. Of course, you have to buy smart.

Does it make Financial sense

Yes, because it is so much better for you financially than renting and can still provide you with a worry-free, low maintence lifestyle. . According to Zillow’s rent vs. buy calculator (and many others) a typical person will find owning to be financially cheaper than renting three years after purchasing a property.

Can I have a Green Life Style

Yes, because Boston condos provide a green lifestyle. Ideally located next to transit, and walking distance to countless shops and restaurants (and workplaces), a downtown Boston condo can be one of your greenest lifestyle choices that is also good for your financially. Numerous Boston midtown condo high rise locations have been built to the highest green standards available – LEED Platinum.

Boston condos for sale – 2019

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