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As an owner of a downtown condo in Beacon Hill, it is a valued luxury when I do not have to hop in my car to go places-especially if there are time constraints. Finding parking, and quarters at the bottom of your or pocket, can be a real time sucker. Yet riding around on a bike is a fantastic option when you need to get somewhere quickly…or peacefully.

You might be asking, “Where on earth would you store a bike living downtown?” and the answer is NOT on your balcony-that is a condo association no-no. The majority of new Boston Midtown condos have bike storage rooms or bike racks for safe keeping. You’ll notice a lot of your neighbors believe in this two wheeled machine as transportation too. Owning a bike living downtown Boston is a perk, and for good reason.

Riding to the grocery store to grab ingredients for a last minute dinner idea (bike basket a must), cruising to Beacon Hill on a Saturday morning for fresh fruit, veggies and a crepe (must try), pedaling to the bank to gather cash at the last minute before a night out, or cruising down the Boston Midtown stopping along the way for a glass of wine or breakfast on an outdoor patio, sounds really nice doesn’t it?

Yes, it sure does.

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