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Buying a home or condo in Boston

Are you thinking of buying a new home?

If you are thinking of buying a new home or condo, we’d like to help. When we work with clients as a buyer’s broker, it mean we are on your side, helping you find the best home, for the best price.

Buyer agency is designed to allow the buyer an opportunity to have a broker represent him/her instead of representing the seller. Each side is equally represented. When a buyer is represented by the broker, all fiduciary responsibilities are owed by the broker to the buyer.

The buyer now has the freedom to discuss with the broker property values, negotiating strategies, and personal finances. The broker is also free to discuss the condition of any property, the structure of any offers, sellers’ motivation, and other information he/she wouldn’t not normally be able to provide.

Many people, even after spending many hours looking at homes with their real estate agent, falsely believe that their agent is working for them, when in fact, they work for the seller.

Thirteen benefits of working with a buyer’s agent

Agent can help buyer-clients save time and money while reducing their stress during the home-buying process – specifically by:

1. Locating suitable properties (finding right neighborhoods for what they are looking for, keeping an eye out for FSBOs, locating any “hidden gems”, etc.).

2. Previewing properties (by attending brokers’ open houses, Sunday open houses, by networking with other real estate agents, and by using the Internet to access all of the MLS and LINK listings).

3. Verifying each property’s condition while out with clients.

4. References – suggesting experts to use (home inspectors, lawyers, repair people, mortgage brokers).

5. Verifying property taxes and utilities.

6. Verifying the value of the property (comparison to sales in the neighborhood over the past several months, comparison to what is currently on the market in the neighborhood, etc.).

7. Advising clients on structuring an offer.

8. Presenting your offer to the seller’s representative.

9. Negotiating favorable contract terms for you, the buyer.

10. Explaining legal documents needed for closing and helping secure them.

11. Assisting in securing financing.

12. Assisting you and your attorney in clarifying title, zoning, building codes, and access easements.

13. Analyzing the future saleability of the property.

Top 5 skills of a buyer’s representative

1. Perseverance. Sticking with buyers through any rough spots.

2. Negotiating. A buyer’s agent needs good negotiating skills when making any offers on behalf of their clients.

3. Listening. Buyers get frustrated if they think their agent isn’t tuning in to what they need and want.

4. Advocacy. This is the skill that separates buyer’s agents from seller’s agents. A buyer’s agent does all he or she can to find the right property for his or her clients.

5. Consulting. Front-end counseling is essential to help clients understand how the market works, how the transaction proceeds, and how to buy their home with the least amount of frustration.


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Updated: November 2017


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