I think most people would want to take out a fixed-rate mortgage loan, these days.

However, you might think an adjustable-rate mortgage loan might work for you, depending on the length of time you’ll be owning. And, if you’re putting down less than 20%, you’re probably trying to figure out if you should take out a second loan for the remainder, or pay PMI.

A new quarterly index of mortgage rates created by Susan M. Wachter … aims to simplify that process. Dr. Wachter’s U.S. Mortgage Payment Index, lists five common mortgages and shows how their payments will change over five years.

While other indexes track current rates for specific mortgages separately, or track rates tied to a borrower’s specific finances, the Mortgage Payment Index seeks to provide an apples-to-apples comparison.

Making Sense of All the Math – By Bob Tedeschi, The New York Times

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