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If you’ve been searching for Boston real estate for sale a while, you may have come across some of the Boston condos for sale on MLS are being sold “as is”. 

Boston condo buyers want to know what “as is” means

Buyers don’t always understand what ‘as is’ means.  It does mean that the sellers are not going to fix anything and it also means that sellers are not responsible for property defects that they don’t know about. However, they are still responsible for disclosing anything that they do know about the property.  

Buying  a condo “as is”

Buying “as is”  doesn’t mean that a buyer can not have a home inspection and it doesn’t mean that a buyer can not write an inspection contingent offer. Buyers should have home inspections so that they know what they are buying.  If the Beacon Hill home has some problems that are too expensive to fix the buyer should be prepared to move on.

Boston condo Offer

It doesn’t hurt to add some wording to the Offer agreement stating that the water and electricity and gas must be turned on for the buyer’s inspection. 

Buyers should not accept no for an answer when they ask to have the water turned on.  They should not have to ask to have the water turned on but often it works that way.  It might be a good idea to check for utility services before submitting an offer. The water can be turned on and it must be turned on for a complete home inspection.

Boston Real Estate and the Bottom Line

For FHA financing the FHA appraiser will not do an inspection if the water has been turned off which means that the property can not be financed through FHA.

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