So, prices are going up on the T.

For some unknown reason, instead of increasing the one-way fare to a simple number like $1.75, the T increased it to $1.70. That extra nickel is worth so much to those on a limited budget, isn’t it?

Here’s the breakdown of the new subway fares, along with my comments:

The monthly cost goes from $44 to $59 for a subway pass, but no with free bus transfers (whoop-de-do). Combo and Combo-Plus Passes are eliminated.

A single ride increases from $1.25 to $2.00, if you pay cash or buy a single-ride (or multiple rides) Charlie Ticket, for a ride on any Green Line, Red Line, Orange Line, or Blue Line train. This is true whether you are going inbound or outbound, and, now, for the first time, above-ground outbound, too. Take that, BU students!

The T says it will cost $1.70, if you use your Charlie Card. I have no idea what this means. Anyone? I thought you bought a Charlie Card by the month. For a set amount. How does that translate into $1.70 per ride? I guess you can still add money to a Charlie Card, beyond the month it’s issued? If so, the ride will only cost $1.70, not $2.00.

Apparently, the Charlie Card is the RFID type card that you tap and go. It’s not being used, yet. The Charlie Card will be replenishable. It’ll cost $1.70 a ride, with the Charlie Card.

The Silver Line Waterfront (a.k.a, the slow bus) fare is $2.00, when paid with cash-on-board or a CharlieTicket, and $1.70 when paid with a CharlieCard.

The Silver Line Washington Street (a.k.a. the really slow bus) fare equals the local bus fare, or $1.50 when paid with cash or a CharlieTicket and $1.25 when paid with a CharlieCard.

The best news is, extra fares are gone, now. You don’t have to pay extra on the Red Line, at Braintree and Quincy Adams, and you don’t have to pay extra on any of the D Line.

So, take that, jerk driver who yelled at me after I only put in $1.25 instead of $1.50, because I didn’t know it cost more to get on at Riverside.

Yet, for some reason, senior citizens still get a discounted fare, only $.60 per ride. I mean, really. They take up all the seats! At least raise the price for a ride to a buck!

Kids eleven and under go free (why? they take more seats than the seniors!), and students pay $.85 per ride, or $20 per month, with student pass, before 8 PM (after that, they just ride their bikes around your neighborhood and terrorize you with rocks and chains).

So, yeah, price increases stink. I still think the monthly pass is almost the deal of the century, this or last. $40! $59! Definitely, worth it, delays and breakdowns included.

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