In the residential Boston real estate world, there are many different home options for potential buyers and renters. Your lifestyle, household size and budget all determine what is the best match for you regarding downtown Boston real estate. Downtown Boston is home to various types of properties for rent and for sale. Here are some of the housing options for people looking to relocate to Boston.

Single Family Homes

The most wished for option when it comes to types of Boston real estate is the single family home. In the downtown Boston area, single family homes are the most expensive generally, and are hard to find in some neighborhoods.

Town Homes

In Back Bay, Beacon Hill and Midtown single family homes are more often than not refereed to a town homes. Townhouses offer closer living with your neighbors and typically are very expensive in downtown Boston. Some townhouse come with amenities for families, such as out door roof deck, outdoor patio, deeded parking spaces and more. With a town home, you may also get a private green living space for entertaining and play.


Another option for Boston residential real estate. and the most popular in this area is to look for condos for sale in Boston.  For those who can’t afford to buy a Boston condo for sale, renting a Beacon Hill condo or an apartment is an affordable way to get the most out of your housing budget. This area has a large supply of upscale condo homes that provide incredible amenities and views of the Boston skyline.

Vacation Homes

The last popular option for residential Boston real estate s is buying a second home, or vacation home. 

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