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Five Ways to Create the Perfect Cozy Bedroom

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If you are wondering how to make a cozy bedroom within a budget, then you are at the right spot. Here you will find some great tips for transforming your old, bland, and boring bedroom into a cozy one with a completely new look. However, before you get into making over your bedroom, there are a few things you need to consider; not only will they help you with better ideas but improve the efficiency of the makeover as well as keep everything under control.

Things to Consider Beforehand

  • Budget

Here is a thing, a lot of us would kill for a pair of Louboutin’s, but not all of us have a pocket to afford it; getting a good-looking pair of shoes within budget is the wise decision here. Similarly, make sure to mark your limits before planning a redecoration, so you don’t have to stop midway. In this part, you only allocate resources and decide on what to buy or sell.

  • Color scheme

Color schemes matter regardless of the part of the house you are decorating. For a bedroom, make sure to look for cool, soothing, and easy-on-eyes colors, so when you enter your bedroom after a long tiring day, it can comfort you rather than scream in your face with its loud colors.

  • Design and style

When it comes to designing your house, there are no limits, but there are so many options in the market that can make the choosing process quite intimidating. When it comes to making your bedroom cozy and comfortable, look for designs that go with your personality and provide you a comfortable spot to chill in after a long day. I would recommend going for a more minimalistic design. If you like ‘The EXTRA,’ there is always an option of adding more.

Don’ts of Bedroom Décor

  • Overcrowding

Decorating can be quite overwhelming, which is the reason people buy more than needed, which they later try to accumulate in all the bought stuff, which overcrowds the space and ruins the aesthetics of the setting. This is why budgeting is important, so you only buy what is needed.

  • Lightening

Just because the bedroom is meant for sleeping and resting does not mean you need low lighting in there. A bedroom should have a good amount of lighting, including a night lamp, so you don’t feel like sleeping in a black hole.

  • Furniture

Furnishing is a great idea regardless of what room you are redecorating, but when it comes to small cozy bedroom ideas, you need to be careful in choosing and placing the furniture. If your bedroom space is big, you have a margin for choosing furniture of your choice but, if you are redoing a small bedroom space, always pick furniture wisely.

5 Ways to Make Your Bedroom Cozy

1. Wall Hangings

A bedroom is a great place for hanging calming paintings and wall part in as it enhances the aesthetics of the setting and make adds a touch of art to your space. A bedroom is meant to be a peaceful room where you go to relax and get rid of the tiredness. Avoid using paintings with high energy tones and vibrant colors because that will only wake you up more.

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  • Do you remember the pleasant feeling of a grandma’s house? You can bring that into your bedroom for a cozier vibe by hanging heirlooms like hand-knitted mats and tapestries, on the bedroom walls. Play with colors and textures in fabric to add life and texture to your walls. If you are looking for minimalist cozy bedroom ideas, these heirlooms will work great for you.
  • Abstract paintings are the best to go with your bedroom. In comfy cozy bedroom ideas, you will always find simple and abstract paintings than complex and intricate ones. Also, make sure to look for odor-free ones to avoid any discomfort.
Beacon Hill apartments

Beacon Hill apartments

  • If you are into photography, bedroom walls are the perfect place to display your art in. Not only is this a cute cozy bedroom idea but, it can also be used for decorating any wall of the house for a perfect Instagram photo background.


2. The Unique Bedroom Setting

  • Platform

There are so many cute cozy bedroom ideas you can use to improve the bedroom’s look. As for the place, the bed people usually prefer the center or corner of the room; you can spice it up with adding a platform. This is a great idea if you like your bed close to the window and enjoy Sunday morning tea with the dim light of the dawn.  The platform will not only make your setting more organized but also add a touch of exclusivity to it.

Beacon Hill condos for sale

Beacon Hill condos for sale

  • Fairy string lights

With a simple cozy bedroom idea like string light, you can create the most picture-perfect setting for your bedroom. Hang some loose strings on the headboard or even footboard depending on where it goes better and enjoy your very own fairytale bedroom. Another great way of adding these stars-like lights is spelling out a word from the strings; you can spell out your name or words like ‘dream,’ ‘peace’ or whatever you like.

  • Only Mattress Bed

In many comfy cozy bedroom ideas, you will find an odd idea of removing the bed frame. It might sound weird, but it’s a great way of making your bedroom look more spacious and gives a cozy look to it. Imagine a 6-9 inches mattress on a carpeted floor with piled-up quilts and fuzzy blankets in pastel tones, tell me you don’t imagine one of the Instagram posts by Kelly Wearstler?

3. Types of Bedroom Lighting

  • Lamps

A bedroom is a perfect place for lamps as they provide focused light. Nightstand lamps are the best as they allow you to take your work to your bed. For dark cozy bedroom ideas, using lamps for specific parts of the room is the best option.

Beacon Hill condos

Beacon Hill condos

  • Floor Stand Lights

Floor lamps come in different sizes, shapes, and various styles that can brighten up your bedroom. The best thing about floor lamps is that not only do they add into the lighting of the room but, with their beautiful structure, they can lift the overall ambiance of the setting.

Beacon HIll real estate for sale

Beacon Hill real estate for sale

  • Sunken Light

Modern cozy bedroom ideas include recessed lighting; it adds a very dramatic look to the bedroom and also spreads the light across the whole space evenly.

  • Scone Lights

As for small cozy bedroom ideas, scone lights are great for adding a Victorian touch to your bedroom. These wall lights are great if you like diffused lights and if your space is small.

Beacon HIll condos

Beacon Hill condos

  • Pendant and Chandelier Lights

Hanging lights do not only make up modern cozy bedroom ideas but also add glamor to your bedroom space. You can use crystal, glass, various metals, and other materials for chandeliers and cage pendant lights.

4. Tips for Bedroom Wall Painting

The dimensional effect in walls is great for enhancing the aesthetics of the bedroom and add a unique and artistic touch to the walls improving the overall looks of the bedroom set.

As for minimalist cozy bedroom ideas, you may also use solid colors for bedrooms, which will create a soothing and calming vibe of the bedroom space. Keeping the visuals of the bedroom simple will not only give a minimalist look but also pacify you after a long day.

Use stripes and patterns to bring an artistic look and enhance the mood all in all. An easy way to do this is to use tape or you can also use packaging boxes. Put it all over the wall in different patterns and paint the wall evenly. Once dried, pull off the tape and enjoy a nice geometric pattern on the wall.

Metallic paint is a great dark cozy bedroom idea. The warm sheen and dim reflection of the wall will create a nice and shiny look. If you have scone or pendant lights, the reflections will double the lighting.

A great option for simple cozy bedroom ideas is using tones like blue, browns, pastel, or vivid colors for walls (patterned or solid colored). It makes a great deal of difference.

5. Don’t Miss The Roof

The roof is an important part of the bedroom, which we neglect. Transforming your roof will bring a great change in the overall look of your bedroom. If your roof is built at a slanting angle, do nothing of it as a drawback. You can add a large glass window, maybe two, to your roof and create a sun-basking spot right where your bed is.

Boston condos

Boston condos

You can also use glow in the dark paint to draw little stars or patterns on your roof and enjoy a starry night indoors without having to deal with mosquitos.  The same effect can be achieved by hanging string lights from the roof. This will also improve the lighting and give your bedroom a cute look.

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