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Top Home Decor Trends For Your Boston Condo

Remodeling continues to be a top priority among Boston homeowners: a 2019 Harvard study has found that there has been no decline in spending on home remodeling projects in the city. A previous report estimates that homeowners spent over $5 billion on home renovations back in 2017, and this year, it’s expected that Boston townhouse and condo homeowners will be investing more or less the same amount to have a beautiful and functional home. If you’re looking to upgrade your abode this year, check out the top home decor trends for your Boston condo. 

More than just pops of color

The past few years saw neutrals reigning supreme in homes across the United States, and living spaces were awash in varying tones of gray or white with a few vibrantly hued accessories thrown in for a hint of color. But this year, colors ranging from soft hues such as a light peachy coral, to jewel tones such as topaz yellow are going to be big in interior design. According to J Fisher Interior Design, homeowners will include more color in their homes through furniture, tiles, wall and floor coverings, and cabinetry. Instead of just adding a vase or a few vividly-colored pillows in your decor, try incorporating more than just pops of color into your home by using patterned tiles for your backsplash, or place a bright yellow or emerald green statement chair in your living room. 

Decorative ceilings

Ceilings are about to become more interesting this year as patterned or wallpapered ceilings are predicted to gain popularity in Boston condos. Though having a wallpapered ceiling is common in small areas such as powder rooms and walk-in closets, this feature is about to be present in larger spaces such as living rooms and bedrooms. If you can’t commit to having a ceiling with a loud tropical print, then go with a more subtle pattern, such as one with geometrical shapes, or paint a grey and white herringbone pattern on the ceiling if you prefer an understated design.

Cozy dining spaces

Traditional dining room setups are on their way out of Boston condos as kitchens and dining rooms are about to have a cozy makeover. To make your eating space more inviting, try swapping out your dining chairs for an upholstered bench, and don’t be afraid to use brightly-colored upholstery to give your space a diner vibe. Consider creating a separate breakfast nook by placing a small table and two chairs beside a window – it’s the perfect place for coffee or a midday snack. Hang pendant lights on the ceiling right above the table, and don’t forget to add live plants all around your space to give it some life. Finally, place some art on the walls. Don’t hesitate to hang some of your best pieces in your dining space, but do keep them away from the stove and other heat-generating appliances. 

Give your Boston condo a makeover using these top trends. Try out new designs, and don’t be afraid to play with color. You’re sure to create a beautiful living space that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

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