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The Boston Globe has a nice editorial today on the “old” Boston, remnants of which can be seen throughout the city.

Although I speak often about the need to tear down the old and build the new, I’m just as nostalgic as the next guy about how things used to be.

The difference is, I like to “remember” these old things, not walk out the door and see them.

(The Globe has the annoying habit of only keeping their stories free for two or three days, then putting them in their archive and making you pay for them.  Something about royalties and having to pay for things and profits, and all that stuff I don’t understand.  This is such a good article that I just copied the whole thing over, so we can all enjoy.  Send your payments directly to Morrissey Blvd.)

The Boston Globe

When the light is right on Massachusetts Avenue, faint traces of the word ”NECCO” can still be seen making their sweet vertical statement down the western corner of the Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research building in Cambridge.

Charles Sullivan, executive director of the Cambridge Historical Commission, photographed that beautiful ghost of the New England Confectionery Co. — which moved to Revere in 2003 — and he treasures the image. Novartis paid to have the old sign scrubbed away, but spokesman Jeff Lockwood says the company has come to accept its haunted corner as ”a link to the past.”

The past is not always easy to erase from the facades of the present, nor should it be, for it gives texture and depth to a city’s commerce and serves as a reminder that time can turn just about every human innovation into an antique.


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