Today, The Warren Group released its latest foreclosure report which shows that the number of foreclosures dropped in April compared to a year ago and compared to March. Lenders also initiated fewer foreclosures.

Some good news for the state or is it just a blip?

Mortgage companies and banks had been holding back on pursuing foreclosures earlier this year as they waited for the federal government to come up with rescue plans for struggling homeowners. That could be one reason that the numbers are lower.

Lenders may also be working harder to negotiate deals with homeowners and agreeing to short sales instead of waiting for the property to go through foreclosure.

But unemployment figures and the growing number of mortgage delinquencies are troubling and could mean that this decline is temporary and not a long-term trend.

Urban area continue to feel the crisis most. Here are the top 10 communities where the most foreclosures have been initiated so far this year: Worcester, Springfield, Brockton, Dorchester, Lynn, Lawrence, Lowell, New Bedford, Haverhill and Framingham.

Source: The Warren Group

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