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Inspirational story for Boston condo buyers

I recently had a conversation with a frustrated first-time Boston condo buyer. He was getting depressed about the prices of downtown Boston condos and the never-ending rise in mortgage rates. Many times in life we have hurdles we need to overcome, some may seem unsurmountable. In cases like this I’m reminded of this short business story.

A Little Publishing Story to inspire Boston condo buyers

In 1924, two young fellows pooled their $4,000 in savings and rented a one-room office at 37 West 57th Street in New York. They wanted to publish books. But with no authors in their stable, their future looked bleak. Their phone rang only when someone dialed a wrong number. They decided they must dream up their own book ideas, and started to write ideas on index cards. Finally they picked one of their ideas – the creation of an inexpensive crossword puzzle book. They asked others about the idea, and nearly everyone told them they were crazy. The leading distributor of books thought so little of the idea that he told them, If you must publish it, keep your name off it, or you‘re dead in the publishing business.‖ Publishing such an insignificant title was sure to lead to a permanently scarred reputation in literary circles.

But in the next ten years, Richard Simon and Lincoln Schuster sold 1,500,000 crossword puzzle books.

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Boston condo buyers be inspired

Boston Condo Buyers and the Bottom Line

Would you as potential Boston condo buyer given up or would you, like Simon and Schuster, have plowed ahead?

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