Boston condo inventory

Not a day goes by in this Boston real estate business that either a past client or current buyer asks me to elaborate on the state of the market, and in what direction things are headed. This is always the trick question, because no Boston Beacon Hill condo sales agent has crystal balls. If I had had one of those, I definitely would not have watched the Patriots lose to the Miami Dolphins with only seconds left in the game. Here I digress. Back to the State of the Boston Beacon Hill condo market which ultimately comes down to Real Estate/Econ 101 and that fantastic invention.the supply demand curve. This is the point where current levels of Downtown Boston condo inventory and the public perception come into play.

In the case of inventory I tell my clients to never believe an article that speaks of doom and gloom, and then never give any hard numbers to consider. With that said, obviously the numbers never lie. It is not my job to sell anyone on a glut or not. I do not need to sell headlines, so I trust that after presenting the facts, you will ultimately be savvy enough to make up your own minds.

 So finally the numbers: According to MLS
Boston Beacon Hill condos for sale – 24

I wouuldn’t call 24 Beacon Hill condos for sale a glut. Would you? 



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