One of my favorite (real estate) TV shows is “Small Space, Big Style“, on HGTV.  Okay, you can get the concept from the name (clever, huh).

Could you live with a partner in a small space, say, under 500 square feet?

I did, in the North End, for about three years.  It worked, but I think partially because it was a duplex – about 200 square feet per floor, with a spiral staircase.  Gave the apartment the feeling of space.

Side to side it was about nine feet, and about twenty feet long.

Actually, the size wasn’t the problem, it was the fact it was first floor and basement, meaning the downstairs had no windows.

Janet Treadaway and Paul Bottigliero rarely have serious fights. The couple have lived together in Gramercy Park since 2001 (they got married in 2004), and they can remember only two occasions when Bottigliero wound up sleeping on the couch. Problem is, the couch is about 8 feet from their bed.

Treadaway, 35, and Bottigliero, 33, both media buyers, live together in just one room. They don’t even have an alcove in the 400-square-foot co-op studio they share.

“If you want to have some sort of privacy, well, that’s just about impossible,” Bottigliero says. “If Janet wants to have a private phone conversation, she’s got to step into the bathroom.”

Complete article: Two’s A Crowd – by Rob Medich, The New York Post

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