Alrighty.  Here’s a story about Alison Boston, the local Realtor who has her advertisements on MBTA buses, all over the city.  You may have noticed, many of the ads have been defaced (sic), with someone(or someones) marking out the space between Alison’s two front teeth.  She estimates that 70% of the ads have been altered.  It’s taken on a life of its own!

By Ric Kahn, Boston Globe

Lucy and Ethel.

Laverne and Shirley.

Hazel and Alison.

The latest entry into the pantheon of dynamic duos, local business partners Hazel Perez and Alison K. Boston have achieved near-cult status across the city due to the odd accessory that accompanies their ads on the back of MBTA buses.

Seemingly part of a cruel cosmic joke, someone, or some group — or some thing — has taken to blackening Alison’s teeth on a gaggle of buses as they bound across the Hub, from Dot. Ave. to Mass. Ave.

Though several of Hazel’s images have been defaced with Dali-esque mustaches, it is Alison’s mouth that has been the main target of the graffiti guerrilla — and mostly her left lateral incisor at that.

The tarnished tooth has become so lodged in the city’s consciousness — Alison believes it appears on more than half of the 70 buses she says display her ads — that it has spawned speculation about the disfigurer’s identity:

Is it a deranged dentist?

A crew of jealous gap-toothed hockey players who are into high jinks? A chain of miscreant copycats? A vandal with a personal vendetta?

Complete article: Here’s a mystery with teeth — black ones

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