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While some read recent Boston real estate price gains as a sign of an improving market, some downtown Boston real estate brokers warn the recent gains are “unsustainable” and may actually be dampening market recovery. (I tend to fall into this camp)

A number of Back Bay and Beacon Hill brokers attribute recent condominium price gains to anomalous factors it considers temporary, including low-interest rates and elevated investor demand. None of these drivers are likely to last, particularly as housing prices increase.

A few downtown Boston real estate brokers anticipate prices will decline again as rising prices begin to repel investors while simultaneously leading to bursts in supply as homeowners and financial institutions feel encouraged to list properties for sale.

Boston Real Estate and the Bottom Line

A true recovery in home prices is contingent on rising employment and a return of consumer confidence, “neither of which is much evident at the moment


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Updated: Boston Real Estate Winter 2020/2021

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